Click Away Conference… Photography classes and mentoring

I am incredibly excited that this September I will be joining many other talented photographers to present at the Click Away conference in Salt Lake City Utah. It is going to be four amazing days filled with tons of information, lessons and hands on learning. There will be discussion panels, shooting demos, image editing classes, seminars and even small group learning courses. I will be participating in the business discussion panel as well as moderating the senior photography panel. I will also be teaching a small group business class on promoting your brand. Then, I will be leading an off site excursion to help photographers better hone their backlighting skills. Come join us and learn everything from bettering your photography skills to learning how to make your business more successful – Use this code (Until June 15) to also get $60 off your registration: JDELLCLICK




Fascinating Fridays… Photography classes and mentoring

I often hear that I have great locations that I shoot in. The truth is, Houston can be very difficult to find a public location to shoot in that provides the type of background I like to use. I am constantly on the hunt for new, beautiful spots that I can shoot in. That said, sometimes the locations I come across are not that big or spread out, in fact… they are quite small and require creative framing and maneuvering of my subject(s). For example, I was on a senior shoot not to long ago and as we were leaving downtown Houston we came across this great little (and I mean LITTLE) patch of bluebonnets right in the middle of the road in the median. It just so happened that on the far end of the median there was a perfect little line of trees as well to provide a nice rich background and block the surrounding townhouses and apartments. On both sides of the median were two lanes of traffic. Luckily, the traffic was nonexistent at that time and we were able to park and walk across the street to the bluebonnet patch. I wouldn’t do something like this with children, as it’s not the safest environment for little ones, but a teenager is a different story.

Here is a pullback, taken with my iPhone so excuse the lack of quality.


And Here is the Image that I shot and edited… It’s all about framing your shot when working with trickier backgrounds and smaller locations!


  • Jayne Wilson

    Wow – what a difference! Great work Jen.ReplyCancel

  • Absolutely true! I have a couple of locations that clients pull up to and ask if homeless people live there. :) They are perfectly safe, but don’t really look like a place to take pictures. It’s all about the framing!! Love this bluebonnet location!ReplyCancel

  • So TRUE! In NYC it can be tough to find a green scenic area to shoot that is no crowded with people. While I love Sheep Meadow for it’s wide open space, it’s always crowded and sunrise is not an option because it is gated and closed till about 9am. Speaking of gates, so many beautiful flowery patches stay fenced off to protest them. I’m always looking for that little nook and cranny for a portrait. The last set I took of my boys incorporated a mound of pine tree mulch (guessing recycled x-mas trees) that my kids climbed on and enjoyed. After my husband saw the images he was shocked and said to me “wow, I didn’t think these would look so nice, it looked like a mound of trash to me”. It’s all about learning to see in a new way! You can see that image here: ReplyCancel

Just a few of my littles… houston children’s photographer

I haven’t shared any images of my littles in a quite a while! So I thought that I would go ahead and share a few today… Also, and I know that this is really really early seeing as it is only April, but I will have VERY limited availability this fall for holiday cards and family portraits because we are expecting a new baby and I will be traveling to be a guest speaker at Click Away in Utah. Sooooo… if this is something that is on your to-do list for the fall, you might want to go ahead and send me an email or call now to book your session. xoxo




Madeleine | Montgomery High School Class of 2014 | Houston, TX Senior Portrait Photographer

Over the years I have shot some of the local Houston senior’s for their senior pictures, but I haven’t really had the opportunity to pursue it until now. I will be announcing my 2015 Senior Model Search a little later this week. So be on the look out for that if you are someone you know would be a good candidate for a Jennifer Dell Photography Senior Rep 2015. At this point I will be considering all applicants from local public and private high schools.

Now… on to some photos! I am so excited to have been able to be a part in Madeleine’s Senior Pictures! We were able to head out last weekend in order to get shots in Downtown Houston, and in a local Houston Park. On our way there we even stumbled upon some lovely bluebonnets in the middle of all the crazy city traffic. It was such a joy to work with such a beautiful high school senior! This is just a little sneak peak a full feature of her session will be coming shortly.



Fascinating Friday… Photography Mentor

Today’s tip is going to be a quick one, but one I hear a lot when I am teaching a beginner’s photography class. There are times when at sunset we really want to document the gorgeous colors in the sky and we have the opportunity to create a silhouette with out subject(s). A silhouette is when the subject doesn’t show any detail and basically just a shape. For this to work a few things need to align. The best way to shoot a silhouette is when the subject has a much brighter backdrop, like a sunset for example. You want there to be a clear and definite subject to start (feel free to be more creative and experiment once you have the basics down). From there, it’s all very simple… all you need to do is meter agains the backdrop (which again, must be much lighter than the subject). For this example below, I aimed my camera at the sky and let the meter in the camera read the light and I adjust my settings in order to tell the camera that the sky was “neutral” and what I wanted to expose at “0″ as opposed to my subjects. A few extra tips, be sure to frame out your subject well and that there is not a lot of clutter in the frame either! The beach makes for some excellent silhouettes but don’t forget to get out there and try different situations! Have fun! xoxo