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I know, I know, it’s been a month since I’ve blogged… I’ve been terrible at keeping up with blogging this summer! We’ve had such a busy summer between the little’s schedules, our work schedules, traveling and oh yeah, getting ready for this sweet baby boy – who will be here anytime now. It’s been a great summer, I’m a little surprised at how quickly everything has blown by – so many fun experiences and plans that we were looking forward to are now memories that we will have forever. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. All of us mama’s are now busy trying to get our littles ready for a new school year and wrap up last minute travel plans. I am actually now on maternity leave as I’ve reached that stage where it is nearly impossible to shoot busy little families.


I am still working behind the scenes here, mostly prepping for some classes that I am teaching this fall – some at the Click Away conference in Salt Lake City in a month’s time. I will be setting dates for both the beginners photography courses – online and in person by next week and will open registration for those shortly. I will also be releasing dates for the next intermediate photography workshop here in Houston. If you are interested in joining in on either of these courses, be sure to send me a note ASAP as there is already a long waiting list of photographers that want to sign up for the courses. I love teaching and I just finished teaching my final business class with clickin moms this week. It was such a wonderful experience getting to watch a class of photographers start their businesses off on the right foot. I can’t wait to get back to teaching once I’m off maternity leave!!




Yowzers, it’s hot out there!!! Houston is no joke during the summertime. I just wrapped up a session tonight and realized that I hadn’t blogged in a long time. It’s summer, which means that I’m here, there and everywhere with the littles and while I’m still working, it’s not quite as much as usual. I promise I’m still here and I’m still shooting, a lot actually considering the heat. I have had quite a few emails regarding a beginner’s course in photography and while I don’t have one on the calendar officially I’m thinking that I will host one in October, just in time to get your skills ready for the Holidays. I will also be starting a beginner’s online photography course for those of you who are not local to me. I have had a lot of interest in that recently and I think it would be fun to start one. Also, a quick update on available sessions, since we are expecting a baby this fall, I won’t be shooting quite as much as I normally do during the busy season… at this point I only have two sessions available for the fall. If you are interested in one, be sure to send me an email. I realize that the Holidays are a ways away, trust me, but I do tend to book very quickly for that and since there are only two sessions left for 2014, I thought I would go ahead and make that announcement now.

Since I don’t want to leave you without posting a photo… here is a quick shot from tonight. This sweet little one reached in her bag as we were leaving and pulled out these fabulous Hunter rain boots (my favorite!!!) and put them on to head back to the car… I just about died, I wish I had known they were there, I probably could have done a whole shoot just based on her and these fabulous little boots. This image was literally the last shot of the night and I only had one shot left on my card, so I had to make it count… this just screams summertime and childhood to me!








Eeek! Sorry I’ve been MIA… summer means crazy time for us here between recent travels and end of school activities including ballet recitals and parties I am exhausted! On top of that I am nearing the end of my own pregnancy and we are busy trying to get our home and family ready for this new baby and all the delightful craziness that will for sure commence upon his arrival. Newborn babies are always one the most amazing and lovely subjects that I photograph. It never ceases to amaze me how teeny tiny and precious these new lives are and how quickly they are adored by their families and older siblings. You saw this beautiful family’s maternity session that I blogged about a couple weeks ago, well now you get to meet their sweet baby boy. I can’t say enough about this family and how much I adore working with them and helping them document these milestones as their family grows year after year! It’s such an honor. Enjoy their sneak peek and if you are also a photographer, be sure to read the announcements after the sneak peek…



I am developing and refining a set of workflow photoshop actions and I will be asking for testers soon… if you are interested in being a tester for these actions, please send me an email at along with an example of your work. Photographers that are accepted as testers will receive a complimentary set of the actions for their own personal use in exchange for their examples using their images edited with the action set. I am also getting much closer to setting the exact dates for the Photography Retreat and Workshop in 2015. At this time I have a long list of photographers that have already emailed me to be included on the announcement, if you are also interested in joining the list, please send me a message now! I have a feeling that we will be filling the first workshop very quickly and it will be first come, first served! I cannot wait to share the details!




I have this amazing client in the Austin Texas area, their family is incredibly sweet and so much fun to work with. They also happen to live in the most beautiful place outside of Austin on a beautiful river. I mean, this place is a photographer’s dream… seriously. Every time I go to shoot their family I am in awe of their property. I love it so much in fact, that I have decided that next year, I will be hosting a three day (two night) photographer’s retreat and workshop on their gorgeous property in hill country part of Texas.

The retreat will be a small and intimate workshop focusing on harnessing your love for the craft and perfecting your skills. It is not a beginner’s workshop, but more for those who have been shooting for a little while – more of an intermediate to advanced workshop. We will have lots of wonderful models and will spend a lot of time shooting and talking about your creative vision and how you can better learn to follow your own path and develop a style that speaks to your true voice as a photographer. So not only will we be working on technical skills but we will also take the time to focus on nurturing the inner creative soul – you know the whole reason you first fell in love with photography to begin with.

I am going to be starting a mailing list for the workshop, as soon as details are 100% finalized (should be very very very soon), I will be starting the registration process. To get on this list, please contact me at to add your name and email. Oh, and of course this workshop is open to any and all photographers, regardless of where you live (even if you are local to me). The retreat will be extremely limited as I want to be able to be as hands on as possible during the workshop. We will all be staying on property as well, so this will allow for lots of interaction and time to inspire each other.

In the meantime, take a look at the last session I did with this lovely family on their property… See what I mean about the location, how could you go and not be inspired!?


  • Maricruz

    Can’t wait to hear all the deets!! Add me to your emailing list!ReplyCancel

  • Would love to know about the workshop- I’m in New Hampshire but hey- maybe a vacation to Austin is in my future! I do like it there!ReplyCancel

  • Kayla Richardson

    Small world, I used to work with Natalie at clear springs in New Braunfels! Add me to your mailing list please!!ReplyCancel

  • Hi Jennifer, I would be interested in hearing more about your workshop in 2015! I have followed you for sometime now and love your work, you are truly gifted and talented.
    Looking forward to all the details.


  • LaVonne Bateman

    Would LOVE information about the 2015 Photographer’s workshops!ReplyCancel

  • I would love to be on the mailing list. What an amazing opportunity to attend a workshop with you. The location is dreamy! Always wanted to come to Austin as well. We love to travel. Win-win!



Happy Wenesday! Or as I jokingly told a friend of mine via text this morning, Happy Hump Day… it always makes me think of that goofy Geico commercial with the camel… who doesn’t love that commercial!? Anyway… on to the more important task at hand, sharing this lovely maternity session from earlier this Spring. I have a ton of catching up to do on blogging – there are still some stragglers from last fall! Eeek!

I really and honestly don’t think there is any other way to describe my sweet friend Patricia, other than stunning… well, I guess that’s not quite true! She’s incredibly sweet and kind and a wonderful mama already to an equally beautiful little girl. Over the last several years, I have had the privilege of working with Tricia and her family, helping them document pregnancies, babies and other sweet moments. I have loved every minute of it!

Their maternity session was actually a two part session. We did some casual maternity photos as well as these slightly more artistic and dramatic photographs. When I was shooting, I knew that they would be amazing, the light was perfect and even better – she chose the most fantastic gown… When all of the elements: love, lighting, atmosphere, mood, clothing, joy, etc come together, I am able to achieve nothing more than spectacular results like these. I know one of the most asked questions that I receive from clients is, “What should I wear!?” I am more than happy to help choose clothing for my clients and to direct them to my pinterest boards that I have set up specifically for this purpose (you can find those here). When it comes down to it, we can hope for great weather and gorgeous sun, but an outfit truly can make or break the way a session is photographed. Next week, I’ll be sharing some of their newborn images! Be sure to check back for those!

Oh… and if you are interested in how to achieve backlit images like these, be sure to go check out my breakout from clickin moms on backlighting… word on the street is that it’s half off today and tomorrow only!!!!